Capital Markets

We understand that in the fast-paced world of capital markets, the unpredictable nature of changes in regulatory and compliance rules means a constant need for refactoring and readjustment. In addition, we also understand the importance of high-frequency trading, impact of Big Data and criticality of mobile applications.

These are factors that make it important for investment banks, brokerage firms and trading exchanges to leverage on this dynamic environment by partnering with technology experts who understand the needs of the capital markets industry.

Our experience accumulated over the years in both business and technology helps us leverage highly nuanced technologies to deliver niche capabilities. We provide software solutions and services to buy-side and sell-side organizations ranging from Retail Brokerages to High-Frequency Proprietary Trading firms.

Backed by an experience of having built industry leading Options Trading platforms and having worked with some of the top Barron’s rated brokerages and Wealth Management firms in the US, we specialize in delivering customized solutions that best fit the organization's needs and provide high Return on Investment.

The Tavant Advantage

  • Experience in providing critical solutions to some of the top 20 Barron’s rated brokerages and leading wealth management firms in the US
  • In-depth understanding of securities industry, business models of retail brokerages, services of wealth management firms, infrastructure needs of hedge funds and trading algorithms of proprietary trading firms
  • Utilization of Service-Oriented Architectures and Cloud infrastructures for development of high-frequency, low-latency, large-scale, fault-tolerant and transaction-intensive trading systems
  • Adherence to high quality standards with early QA and Zero–D methodology
  • Leveraging open source technologies and off-the-shelf tools and distributed agile methodologies for faster go-to-market solutions at lower costs
  • World class architects to identify, design and develop game-changing solution
  • Expertise in key enabling technologies for Trading: Complex Event Processing systems and Reverse Server Push technologies
  • Development of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) for zero footprint and zero maintenance trading applications and dashboards using Flex, Silverlight and AJAX